This site is still under development. I’m surprised you’re here as there have been no promotional attempts made to attract visitors. Nor is there any content on this site to attract traffic from search engines.

There’s no telling when there will actually be something worth reading here. Sorry!

If you’re looking to get in touch with me or perhaps learn more about me, the best place to start is with the links below. Although I don’t think they’re as useful, I’ve link to some profile pages and such along the right.

My SEM / SEO Blog
My most recent online efforts are in the area of search engine marketing and optimization. I author a blog on this topic. And no, I don’t really consider myself to be the greatest living SEO.

Web Project Manager
My professional career started in the world of software development. I eventually transitioned to web development and then to project management.

Marios Alexandrou on LinkedIn
My professional profile including my resume. I’m generally open to invitations from people I’ve interacted with online or offline.